about the question wherby I take photographs

Results that can be achieved on film and getting digitized using a professional film scanner, do have a very own familiar image character and they are fascinating in their authenticity (especially the colour reproduction) by using high quality materials; although real professional digital cameras (which shouldn’t mixed up with the number of pixel resolution, because this is an often overestimated or even misinterpreted “criterion of quality”)  have caught up very much in the meantime.

Especially in the field of photographing landscapes and objects, brightness range and colour fidelity are still a very good arguments for the analogue film, which have two disadvantages only: it is expensive and until you get the “final image” it needs more time to process. So I will work in landscape photography as far as possible the “old school” way in the future.

In all other areas (portrait, people, events, etc.), the way has gone more and more towards digital photographing: it’s also an aspect of a good value for money. As a result I focus on working with completely professional digital camera equipment.



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