about the question what you get

Photos on high quality photo paper that will keep you satisfied. Pictures that won’t knight you in the anonymous atmosphere of being an “ethereal beauty” , but photos that reflect your personality and naturalness. First of all we discuss what you have in mind in advance: for example a photo session with ten photos sized 13 x 18cm. Or a series of photos consisting of several exposures from which you select one or two later, framed allready – e.g. in 20 x 30 cm. Or (in addition) a CD with the best photos to use on your website. If you just need an image for a website, you get them to your personal preferences and needs (size, resolution, compression, etc.), on a CD in professional quality already.

Even in paper prints, there is no compromise in terms of quality: The prints are made by qualified photo lab assistants on professional photographic paper by Fuji® or Kodak®  and for larger sizes more than 30 × 40 cm with a professional 9-color Epson® printer: see and feel the difference and see it even better in comparison to the pure image display on the monitor.

As the saying goes: “(Almost) Nothing is impossible!” Let’s talk about it. Just ask and we will see how we can find a solution.



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